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 +__**SUBJECT:​**__ Credit Cards   RCW 43.09.2855
 +Employees shall be given a District credit card where the nature of his or her job requires such use and such access is approved by the General Manager. ​  The positions to have credit cards are the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Operations Manager and Finance Director. ​ Fuel cards for Operations are assigned to the Operations Manager and the fuel cards for Administration are assigned to the Assistant General Manager. ​ This policy is in accordance with RCW 43.09.2855 and includes all types of credit cards such as fleet credit cards.  ​
 +The employee cardholder is responsible for:
 +  * Ensuring District credit cards are only used for authorized business expenses and not used for expenses of a personal nature; and
 +  * Retaining detailed receipts and providing explanations for all District credit card transactions;​ and
 +  * Authorizing subordinates’ credit card purchases. ​
 +The Finance Director is responsible for:
 +  * Completing payments for credit card invoices on a timely basis to avoid late payment and finance charges; and
 +  * Maintaining a current list of cardholders and authorized dollar limits; and
 +  * Arranging credit or transaction-level limits for individual cards, as directed by the General Manager; and
 +  * Ensuring the Assistant General Manager and Operations Manager have reviewed the fuel card invoices monthly; and
 +  * Ensuring the Board of Commissioners have reviewed and approved the credit card payments monthly.
 +Policy Approval Date: March 26, 2015\\
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