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-====== ​Chapter 3.04 - GENERAL FUND ====== +Replaced by [[title_3:​3.04_maintenance_fund|Chapter 3.04 - Maintenance Fund]]
- +
- +
-==== 3.04.010 Establishment. ==== +
-The county treasurer of Whatcom County, Washington, is requested and instructed to establish a special fund or account for receiving moneys from revenues of the sewer utility and from revenues of the water utility. +
-(Res. 403 §1, 1984) +
-==== 3.04.020 Deposit. ==== +
- +
-The Whatcom County treasurer is requested and instructed to hereafter deposit into the special account or fund all moneys which were previously deposited in separate bank accounts for the sewer maintenance fund and the maintenance fund of the district. +
-(Res. 403 §2, 1984) +
-==== 3.04.030 Recordkeeping. ==== +
- +
-The district'​s employees shall keep accurate and complete records of the deposits to and the expenditures from the special account/​fund made by each utility. The revenues and expenses of the water utility shall be kept on one set of records identified as the records of the maintenance fund, and the sewer utility income and +
-expenses shall be kept on separate and distinct records identified as the records of the sewer maintenance fund. +
-(Res. 403 §3, 1984)+

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