SUBJECT: Credit Cards RCW 43.09.2855

Employees shall be given a District credit card where the nature of his or her job requires such use and such access is approved by the General Manager. Credit cards for Operations are assigned to the Operations Manager for review of purchases and the credit cards for Administration are assigned to the General Manager for review of purchases. This policy is in accordance with RCW 43.09.2855 and includes all types of credit cards such as fleet fuel credit cards.

The employee cardholder is responsible for:

  • Ensuring District credit cards are only used for authorized business expenses and not used for expenses of a personal nature; and
  • Signed Credit Card User Agreement; and
  • Retaining detailed receipts and providing explanations for all District credit card transactions; and
  • Authorizing subordinates’ credit card purchases.

The Finance Director is responsible for:

  • Completing payments for credit card invoices on a timely basis to avoid late payment and finance charges; and
  • Maintaining a current list of cardholders and authorized dollar limits; and
  • Arranging credit or transaction-level limits for individual cards, as directed by the General Manager; and
  • Ensuring the General Manager and Operations Manager have reviewed the credit card invoices monthly; and
  • Ensuring the Board of Commissioners have reviewed and approved the credit card payments monthly.

Policy Approval Date: March 26, 2015
Revised: September 26, 2019 & April 12, 2022

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