SUBJECT: Adjustment to Utility Bill — Water Leaks

Adjustments in commodity charges for water and/or sewer services, due to leaks, may be made by the District General Manager. For the purposes of implementing this policy, “leak” refers to any unintentional or unexplained loss of a significant quantity of water.

Requests for adjustments must be made in writing, by the property owner, stating all facts pertaining to the leak, within one month after the utility bill due date. A physical check of the meter will be made by District staff to verify the information provided. If there is no valve on the customer side of the meter there shall be no credit processed on the account until a valve is installed.

Adjustments shall be such that the charges for the current 60 day billing period, and the 60 day billing period immediately prior to the discovery of the leak may be adjusted. Actual meter data will be used when available. If meter data is not available the adjustment will be the average of the last three (3) billings prior to the leak or the usage of the prior year for the corresponding period(s), whichever is greater. The current commodity charges for water and/or sewer shall apply for the adjusted (average) usage. That is, there will be no commodity charge for usage over average.

The District staff will assist in notification of leaks or high usage, but it shall remain the property owner’s responsibility to discover and repair any leak. To be eligible for a leak credit, the owner must:

1. Immediately cease unintentional water usage, and

2. complete repairs on the property to resolve the leak, and submit proof of repairs (for example a receipt), or

3. provide a statement that there was a loss of water for known or unknown reasons, and

4. provide written acknowledgment of a water shutoff at the Premises and that the leak credit is only available once every three years.

Failure to stop the loss of water, on the date the property owner was notified by the District, or otherwise knew or should have known of the leak, may forfeit any opportunity for a bill adjustment. Late fees occurring after receipt of the request for adjustment are eligible for credit.

In any case, no adjustment may be made for a loss of less than 1000 cubic feet per ELU within a 60-day billing period or more than one adjustment in a thirty-six (36) month period (same account and same owner; ownership change resets to new period of time). Adjustments more than $1000 must be board approved.

The reason for the one adjustment per thirty-six month period is to promote proper maintenance of the customer’s water lines. Customers who have experienced leaks should inspect their entire system and insure that it is properly maintained.

Effective: 01/01/99
Revised: 5/22/2014, 1/26/2017, 9/14/2021, 05/08/2024

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