SUBJECT: Inadequate Water Pressure (less than 30 pounds per square inch)

This is a new Policy.

In those areas of the District’s service area where the water pressure at the water meter is (or anticipated by the District to be) less than 30 pounds per square inch, and the District does not have any immediate plans to upgrade the pressure in this area, the District will allow the installation of a private water booster system by the owners (or their agent) on their side of the water meter that will not adversely effect the District’s water distribution system.

The owner(s), with the allowance by the District of the installation of a private water booster system on the owner(s) side of the water meter, agrees to indemnify the District from any and all liability, loss or damage the District may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs, or judgments against it arising from such installation; and, further, agrees and covenants that they will not institute any suit, claim or action at law or equity against the District to recover for any injury or property damage sustained as a result of the use of said water pressurization system and/or lack of water or sufficient water pressure to or through said water meter. The cost of such water booster pressurization system shall be entirely at the owner(s) expense.

Approved: March 4, 1998

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