SUBJECT: Mobile technology device policy.

This policy establishes how the District will provide mobile electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and service use.

1. Usage Policy and Review of Usage The District will issue devices and service to designated employees and Commissioners. This equipment and service is provided to District personnel as a matter of convenience to the District and may be essential for specific job functions, it may be revoked, limited, or reassigned at the District’s discretion.

The District audits all provided mobile services (voice, text messages, and data). Budgeting for the equipment and service plans, along with monthly audit of invoices, are assigned to each Manager as the supervisor of that specific staff. The General Manager will be assigned to budget and monitor the Commissioners mobile services.

2. Security and Safety Reasonable precautions should be made to prevent equipment theft and vandalism to District provided equipment. Loss of any technology that has District access shall be reported immediately to the Information Services Specialist.

3. Personal Use of District provided Mobile Devices Incidental personal use of District provided electronic devices and service is permitted. Any cost incurred, above what the District would normally pay, is to be reimbursed to the District according to Section 5. Use of a District provided service to make personal calls in regards to overtime and emergency work (such as to inform family or spouse of the unexpected work) is considered to be work related and acceptable. When a District provided electronics device is assigned to more than one individual or is installed in a District vehicle, all individuals who make or receive personal calls on such devices shall make a record of such calls to assist in reconciling any bill. Personal alternate lines may be added to District service plans, to be paid by the employee.

4. Reimbursement for District Use of Personal Electronic Devices Individuals, not designated to have a District phone, but who conduct District business on their personal mobile devices may apply for reimbursement for such usage. To receive reimbursement, the individual must indicate the date and purpose, and submit this information along with a copy of the phone bill. The reimbursement amount will be based on the cost of the District business mobile services that exceed the normal monthly personal mobile services plan cost.

5. Reimbursing the District for Personal Use Individuals who use District provided electronic devices, or services, for personal use are responsible for reimbursing the additional costs. The amount of the reimbursement to the District will be equal to the increase in monthly charges to the District caused by the personal use.

6. Public Disclosure All District provided devices and all data on the devices are subject to the Washington Public Records Act. Personnel should not store any private data nor use District devices for any personal reason that should not (or cannot) be publicly disclosed. Personnel who have personal mobile devices are required to comply with the Public Records Act for all correspondence, texts, calls, and emails on the phone that are related to District business. As a matter of convenience, the District encourages employees who use personal mobile devices for District business to use their District email to communicate with staff rather than sending text messages.

Approved: May 26, 2016

Replaced Policy 25. Use of District Owned Cellular Phones

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