SUBJECT: Procedures for Rental or Similar Properties

The owner is responsible for all charges and fees associated with water and/or sewer service usage on his property. An agreement between the owner and the renter, where the renter is to pay the charges, does not release the owner from being liable for such service charges, late fees, interest, lien charges, attorney costs, “turn-on” fee, or other costs, if not, in fact, paid by the renter.

The District will send billings to the owner or to the attention of the occupant at the owner’s request. The District generally will not send out duplicate billings. However, the District will send notice to the service address and owner’s mailing address, of delinquent billings prior to the service being shut off for non-payment.

Service will be shut off for non-payment per policy, “Procedures for Utility Shut-off.” The District will not shut off service at the request of the property owner in violation of the Landlord Tenant Act.

It is not necessary that the owner or renter contact this office when there is a change of renter. The District will not keep a record of the renter’s name and will not provide a printed closing bill for such change of renter. However, if the owner or renter wishes to call with a meter reading when a renter moves out, the District can help calculate a final bill over the phone.

Policy Approval Date: July 6, 1999
Revised: 1/26/2012

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