SUBJECT: Procedures for Utility Shut-off

Utility bills are past due or late for the current billing cycle on the day following the due date. A late charge shall be added to the account after that time if not paid.

Utility bills that are past due for the current billing cycle shall be mailed notice of delinquent water shut-off at least one week prior to the scheduled shut-off date. The District will proceed to shut off service if full payment is not received in the district office during normal business hours by the utility shut-off date. The District will not shut off accounts where the balance is less than or equal to the delinquent water shut-off charge as found in District Code 13.01.010.

In the following circumstances, District staff may extend the shut-off date to discuss the situation with the Board prior to shut off:

  1. Customers where shutting off the water would also shut off the customers' private fire hydrants.
  2. Customers that communicate with staff that shut off may cause a potentially life threatening situation.
  3. Customers that communicate with staff that they have suffered a life changing circumstance such as medical emergency, death in family, and other rare conditions.
  4. Customers that are a federal, state or local government entity.

For convenience to the customer, scheduled utility shut-offs will not be done after noon on Wednesday.

Notwithstanding the above, the District will not effect, due to lack of payment, an involuntary termination of service to any residential user, including tenants of metered apartment buildings and residents of mobile homes, on any day for which the national weather service has issued or has announced that it intends to issue a heat-related alert, such as an excessive heat warning, a heat advisory, an excessive heat watch, or a similar alert, for the area in which the residential user's address is located.

Adopted: July 29, 1993
Amended: July 27,2023, September 12, 2013, January 9, 2014, July 24, 2014

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