SUBJECT: Purchasing.

It is the policy of the District to follow State law in purchasing all goods and services. It is also the policy of the District to adopt an annual budget. That annual budget, along with Board delegated authority, gives the General Manager the capacity to issue Purchase Orders. This Purchasing Policy establishes procedures to document purchasing following State law and District Budget Policy.

  1. Purchase Order:
    • Is within the budget and meets the District policy “Budget and CIP Adoption, Amendment and Management”
    • Documentation for a purchase under $500 requires a Manager approval and an employee signature, but not the General Manager approval.
    • Documentation for a purchase over $500 requires a Purchase Order and Manager and General Manager’s signature. A purchase order submitted to the General Manager shall contain a description of the material, supply, service, or equipment being purchased, a list of the vendors contacted and the price obtained from each vendor.
    • Contracts over $50,000 need Board approval.
    • A blanket purchase order can be used for budgeted purchases that will be made to the same vendor throughout the year (ex. billing service, lab testing, janitorial and landscaping services).
    • Quotes can be obtained from interested vendors in writing or verbally. All quotes shall be documented with a Purchase Order. The General Manager is given the discretion to require quotes on any purchase or expenditure.
  2. MRSC Roster is our small works roster.
  3. Exceptions to the formal bid process are purchases from other government agencies, Sole Source Providers, and a declared emergency.
  4. This table summarizes District Purchasing procedure and does not replace State guidelines:
$500-$4,999$5,000-$49,999 RCW 39.04.190 $50,000-$300,000 RCW 39.04.155 Over $300,000 RCW 39.04.155
Purchase Purchase Order-GM 3 quotes & PO RFP or Small works roster RFP
Purchased Service Purchase Order-GM 3 quotes & PO RFP or RFQ RFP or RFQ
Professional Services (RCW 39.80) Purchase Order-GM Purchase Order RFQ RFQ
Public Works Project Purchase Order-GM 3 quotes & PO Bid or Small works rosterBid

Effective: Jan 1, 2003
Revised: September 26, 2019

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