SUBJECT: Sewer Emergency, Property Owner

When a call is received from a sewer customer regarding a blockage, backup or other sewer problem, District personnel shall get as much information as possible from the customer regarding the nature of the problem. District personnel shall try to determine from this information if the event appears to be a blockage within the house or if it may be a blockage outside of the house. The customer shall be informed that they must first determine what and where the blockage or stoppage is before District personnel can become involved. Personnel should ensure nearby facilities are working properly by checking indications on SCADA and/or other means, such as local observation. District personnel may only become involved and proceed to investigate the condition of the mainline sewer if a blockage or stoppage within the District’s system is possible based on observations and the given information. District personnel may not assist the sewer customer on private property. The District is not licensed for such work. District personnel are not allowed to recommend any specific person or company to assist the sewer customer but can supply them with a copy of the latest list of approved side sewer contractors. If it is discovered as part of the customer’s investigation that the blockage is in the District’s system, the District will reimburse the customer for reasonable expenses for such determination.

Approved: September 22, 1994
Revised: February 9,2012

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