SUBJECT:Water-Only — Boat Dock service

This policy establishes procedures for installation of water-only service for boat docks within the Birch Bay Village Marina area.

The water connection charge will be collected for establishment of service, but no sewer connection charge shall be collected if the property has no structures and the service is intended for the boat dock only. Water basic and usage charges shall commence upon completion of a water service application and payment of water connection charges.

By the covenants of Birch Bay Village and Rules of the Birch Bay Village Marina, persons cannot live aboard boats moored in the Village more than 14 days per month and only permanent structures are allowed for habitation. Consequently, sewer connection charges and utility fees will not be collected until such time as a permanent structure is constructed on the property.

This policy is intended to revert to the policy that was in effect prior to 1995, of not collecting for sewer service for boat dock services. Consequently, any owners of properties that paid sewer connection and base rates during the period of 1995 to present, will be given the choice of receiving a refund of the amounts paid by such owners to the District for sewer connection fees and base sewer charges, or of leaving the sewer connection fee credited to the property and continuing to pay sewer utility charges. Should a property owner elect to receive said refund, the property will be liable for the full sewer connection charge in place at the time of connection should it require sewer service in the future.

Approved: October 09, 2003

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