2.04.010 Meetings--Date, time and place.

The second and fourth Thursdays of each month, commencing at 4:00 p.m., at the premises known as the office of Birch Bay Water and Sewer District, Whatcom County, Washington, located at 7096 Pt. Whitehorn Rd. Birch Bay, Washington, are fixed at the time, date and place for regular meetings of the board of commissioners; and such meetings shall be held until further act of the board of commissioners. (Res. 766 §1, 2020: Res. 538 §1, 1994: Res. 507 §1, 1992: Res. 501 §1, 1991: Res. 456 §1, 1988: Res. 166 §1, 1976: Res. 115 §1, 1975: Res. 65 §1, 1973: Res. 24, 1971: Res. 1, 1968)

2.04.020 Compensation of members.

The commissioners of the district shall be paid the maximum amount allowed by applicable state law for each day or portion thereof spent in actual attendance at official meetings of the district commission, or in performance of other official services or duties on behalf of the district. (Res. 704 § 1, 2011: Res. 364, 1980)

2.04.030 Appointment of temporary interim commissioner.

  • A. When two commissioners are unable to attend a meeting which has been scheduled and at which it is, in the opinion of the remaining commissioner, necessary to conduct business, the remaining commissioner attending the meeting may appoint a temporary interim commissioner to make a quorum for conducting business at that meeting.
  • B. Temporary interim commissioners may be appointed only for regular meetings or for special meetings which have been set at a regular meeting attended by a quorum of regularly elected or appointed commissioners.
  • C. A temporary interim commissioner may be appointed only if at least one of the remaining commissioners is unavailable as a result of serious medical problems.
  • D. Action taken at a meeting attended by one temporary interim commissioner shall be binding upon the district.
  • E. Temporary interim commissioners shall be paid at the same rate as regularly qualified commissioners.

(Res. 446 §§1–5, 1987)

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