Chapter 2.21 - Consulting Services Roster

2.21.010 Consulting Services.

Consulting services are professional services that have a primarily intellectual output or product including architectural and engineering services as defined in RCW 39.80.020. (Res. 713 §1, 2011)

2.21.020 MRSC and Roster Options.

While under contract with the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC), MRSC will adopt for District use those state-wide electronic databases for the consulting services roster developed and maintained by MRSC. The District may utilize said state-wide electronic databases for selection of consulting professionals in conformance with this chapter. (Res. 713 §1, 2011)

2.21.030 Publication.

At least once a year, on behalf of the District, MRSC shall publish in a newspaper of general circulation within the jurisdiction a notice of the existence of the consulting services roster or rosters and solicit statements of qualifications from firms providing consulting services. Such advertisements will include information on how to find the address and telephone number of a representative of the District who can provide further details as to the District’s projected needs for consulting services. Firms or persons providing consulting services shall be added to appropriate MRSC roster or rosters at any time that they submit a written request and necessary records. The District may require master contracts to be signed that become effective when a specific award is made using a consulting services roster. (Res. 713 §1, 2011)

2.21.040 Professional Architectural and Engineering Services.

The MRSC Rosters will distinguish between professional architectural and engineering services as defined in RCW 39.80.020 and other consulting services and will announce generally to the public the District's projected requirements for any category or type of professional or other consulting services. The District reserves the right to publish an announcement on each occasion when professional services or other consulting services are required by the agency and to use paper and/or other electronic rosters that may be kept on file by appropriate District departments. (Res. 713 §1, 2011)

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