Chapter 2.22 Vendor List


All contracts for materials, equipment or supplies with an estimated cost of less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00), or such different amount as may be authorized by future amendment of RCW 57.08.050, may be awarded as provided herein. (Res 707 § 1 2011)


The District shall adopt a vendor list or lists which shall consist of all responsible vendors who have requested to be placed on a vendor list. At least twice each year, the District General Manager notice of the existence of the vendor list(s) in a newspaper of general circulation within the District, which shall solicit the names of vendors for the list(s). (Res 707 § 1 2011)


The District’s department managers shall secure telephone, written or electronic quotations from vendors on the list for the appropriate category of materials. This process is intended to assure a competitive price and to award contracts for purchases of materials, supplies, and equipment to the lowest responsible bidder. Whenever possible, the District shall obtain quotations from at least three vendors on the list. (Res 707 § 1 2011)


Immediately after the award is made, the bid quotations obtained shall be recorded, open to public inspection, and shall be available by telephone inquiry. A contract awarded pursuant to this section need not be advertised. (Res 707 § 1 2011)


As an alternative to the process for purchasing materials, supplies or equipment pursuant to sections 2.22.010—2.22.040, the District may let any contracts for purchase of materials, supplies, or equipment with the suppliers designated on current state agency, county, city, or town purchasing rosters for the materials, supplies, or equipment, when the roster has been established in a accordance with the competitive bidding law for purchases applicable to the state agency, county, city, or town. The price and terms for purchases shall be as described on the applicable roster. (Res 707 § 1 2011)

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