Chapter 2.24 - PERSONNEL

2.24.010 Charge for work by district employee.

The charge made to any person for work performed by employees of the district shall be the hourly wage and benefits paid to that employee for the work performed for such person or persons, plus an overhead rate based on the direct cost of employee benefits plus indirect costs including without limitation risk management, accounting, telephones, information services, building and vehicle maintenance and other administrative expenses as determined by the district. This calculation shall be based on the district's latest adopted budget and other appropriate district accounting records. Any materials used shall be charged at the district replacement cost for such materials plus an overhead rate of fifteen percent (15%). (Res. 727 § 1, 2013: Res. 642 § 2, 2005: Res. 347 § 1, 1979)

2.24.020 Mileage for privately owned vehicle.

Mileage for use of a personal vehicle will be reimbursed at the rate per mile established by the state of Washington for state employees when a personal vehicle is used for travel on district business. No mileage allowance will be made for travel in a district-owned conveyance or when the employee is a passenger in the private vehicle of another. No reimbursement will be made for any repairs or damages to a privately owned vehicle when such expense is incurred during official travel or as a result of official travel. Reimbursement for travel in private automobiles within the district or eight miles beyond shall not be allowed. (Res. 387 § 1, 1982)

2.24.030 Travel expense--Claims.

Within thirty days after completion of authorized travel, the traveler will submit a claim to the district for expenses and allowances in accordance with RCW 42.24.090. The form will include the purpose of travel, date and time of departure, date and time of return, actual miles traveled by the shortest practical route to and from destination, and an itemized listing of miscellaneous expenses. Receipts for lodging, registration fees, toll and ferry charges, and other special fees shall be attached. The claim shall be signed by the traveler. (Res. 387 § 2, 1982)

2.24.040 Participation in state-deferred compensation plan.

The Birch Bay water and sewer district requests approval by the committee for deferred compensation to participate in the state-deferred compensation plan for the employees of the Birch Bay water and sewer district, subject to the requirements of RCW 41.04.250 and WAC Chapter 154. (Res. 387, 1984)

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