3.24.010 Late charges for unpaid bills.

A late charge, as set forth in Chapter 13.01 of this code, shall be added to each customer's account that is not paid in full by the due date printed on each customer's bill. (Res. 618 § A, 2002) (Res. No. 683, § 1(C), 6-11-2009)

3.24.020 Certification of Charges on Delinquent Accounts.

The following process shall be followed for certification of charges on delinquent accounts.

  • A. When Delinquencies Certified. On or about January 1 and July 1 of each year, or at such other time as it deems appropriate, the District will certify by filing a lien with the Whatcom County Auditor any delinquencies in residential or commercial water and/or sewer accounts where either:
    1. No payment has been received on the account for twelve (12) months or more, or
    2. No payment has been received for six (6) months and the balance due is more than four hundred and 00/100th dollars ($400.00), or
    3. The outstanding account balance exceeds five hundred and 00/100th dollars ($500) for six (6) consecutive months, or
    4. The Board determines the nature of the delinquency is such that filing is appropriate.
  • B. Who Certifies. The District Treasurer shall certify such delinquencies.
  • C. Additional Penalties and Interest. Upon determination that a delinquency qualifies for certification, as outlined in subsection A hereof, Lien Fee and Removal charges as specified in 13.01.010, shall be added to the delinquent amount.
  • D. Lien. The delinquencies and the charges levied pursuant to this Resolution shall be a lien against the property upon which the service was received, subject only to the lien for general taxes, as set forth in RCW 57.08.081.

(Res. 758, § 1, 2019: Res. No. 725, § 1, 6-26-2013)

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