8.12.020 Sewage service rates and charges.

The rates and charges for furnishing sewage disposal services to property within the district, where available, whether or not a connection to the sewage system of the district has been made, within the classification of users are fixed and shall be paid as set forth in Chapter 13.01 of this code.

  • A. Commercial rates shall apply to public retail and non-residential, including water parks. Any commercial account water which the owner can show does not enter the sewer system will be deducted from the sewer usage amount set forth in Chapter 13.01 of this code.

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8.12.030 Billing and handling charge.

In addition to all other charges set forth herein, each billing unit shall be charged a billing and handling charge as set forth in Chapter 13.01 of this code. (Res. 638 § 2, 2004: Res. 624 § 2, 2003: Res. 610 § 2, 2001: Res. 604 § 3, 2000: Res. 594 § 2, 1999: Res. 577 § 2, 1997: Res. 540 § 2, 1994: Res. 434 § 1 (part), 1986: Res. 139 § 1(g), 1976) (Res. 667, § 2, 3-27-2008; Res. 679, § 2, 3-12-2009; Res. 683, § 1(T), 6-11-2009)

8.12.040 Billing.

  • A. Sewer service charges shall be billed every two months. The billing will be for the month preceding and the month following the date of the bill; provided, however, that the billings for July 1 and August 1, 1982 shall be for a three-month period of time, as follows: the two months preceding the billing date and the month following the billing date.

Sewer service charges for structures constructed after sewers are available shall commence on the first day of the month following the month in which connection is made or the structure is occupied, whichever event occurs first.

  • B. Monthly and bi-monthly statements of charges for sewer service shall be due and payable at such place or places designated by the district on or before the last day of the billing month and shall be delinquent thereafter. All customers will be billed on a twelve-month basis. The statements shall cover service charges for the period shown thereon, and shall be issued and forwarded by mail to the customer upon billing.

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8.12.041 Commencement of payment of rates and charges.

Upon submission to the district of an application for sewer service, and payment of all connection charges, monthly sewer service charges shall begin immediately. (Res. 564 § 5, 1995)

8.12.051 Billing period.

For the purposes of this section, the terms “per month” and “monthly” mean the billing period of the district for each customer if the district bills monthly, or one-half of the billing period if the district billsbi-monthly. If the district billing period is other than monthly or bi-monthly, “per month” or “monthly” means any thirty-day period following the last day of the prior billing period and any period of fewer days where the billing period contains more than an even multiple of thirty-day periods, provided, however, that the monthly service charge shall be prorated for any portion of a month within any billing period where that portion of a month is less than twenty-four days. Any proration shall be based upon a presumption that every month contains thirty days. (Res. 560 § 3, 1995)

8.12.060 Billing--Where sent-- Payment obligation.

Billings shall be mailed to the owner of the property on which the structure serviced is located, so far as the district may reasonably ascertain. Failure to receive such bills shall not relieve the owner(s) from the obligation to pay the same, nor the property receiving such service, or capable of receiving such service, from such lien therefor as may thereafter attach to the property in the manner provided by law. (Res. 139 § 6, 1976)

8.12.070 Collection responsibility.

Such person or persons who shall from time to time, under the authority of the board of commissioners, act as manager of the district or accountants for the district shall collect all the rates and charges provided for in this chapter and accruing from time to time; and all such sums when collected shall be paid at least once each month to the county treasurer of Whatcom County, Washington. (Res. 139 § 7, 1976)

8.12.090 Nonpayment--Service termination.

  • A. The district may terminate sewer service to any user who is delinquent in payment of sewer charges; provided that, service shall not be terminated to any accounts solely due to unpaid utility charges which are delinquent by two (2) billing periods or less. Accounts delinquent by three (3) billing periods or more shall be subject to termination of service, unless the account holder enters into a payment plan with the district. The holders of delinquent accounts to which service was restored or not terminated pursuant to this section shall enter payment plans with the district approved by the Finance Manager.
  • B. Notice of intent to terminate water service for nonpayment shall be mailed to the user at least fifteen days prior to actual termination. Sewer service shall not be turned on again until all charges, including turnoff and turn on charges, are paid or a satisfactory arrangement for payment has been made with the district. Any charges of the district to the user which become delinquent shall constitute a lien against the property being served.

(Res. 777 § 2, 2022: Res. 139 § 5 (part), 1976)

8.12.100 Final service termination--Capping of side sewer.

Sewer service charges shall be terminated at such time as the structure is either removed, destroyed, condemned or no longer requires sewer service in the opinion of the district, provided the side sewer is capped according to the rules and regulations of the district. (Res. 385 § A (part), 1982: Res. 139 § 4 (part), 1976)

8.12.110 Commercial user-- Separate water service for water not discharged to sewer.

If a commercial user shows to the satisfaction of the district that a substantial portion of the water which he uses is not discharged into the sewer system, he may apply to the district for a separate water service connection for the water which is not discharged into the sewer system, and he will not be charged a sewer service charge for that water. (Res. 139 § 3 (part), 1976)

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