9.02.010 Local facilities charge--Generally.

A local facilities charge, where applicable, is a component of the connection charge for water and/or sewer service and is in addition to the general facilities charge. A local facilities charge is generally intended to recover an equitable share of the cost of the locally proximate facilities necessary to serve premises. (Res. 635 § 3 (part), 2004)

9.02.020 Local facilities charge--Types.

Local facilities charges may be collected from a developer or individual property owners in the following contexts:

  • A. Assessment as part of a utility local improvement district (“ULID”);
  • B. Charges as part of a district-initiated sewer facilities extension pursuant to district Resolution No. 640;
  • C. Reimbursement connection fee established pursuant to Chapter 9.12 of this code.
  • D. Other costs borne by the District which are directly attributable to the improvements required by property owners seeking to connect to the District water and/or sewer system and which are not included in general facilities charges.

(Res. 731 § 1, 2014; Res. 656 § 4, 2006)

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