10.04.010 Permit--Required--Application.

Prior to installation of any fire hydrant assembly, an application for a fire hydrant permit on an appropriate form provided by the district shall be filed by the special interest group, owner or his agent at the district office. The permit application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications or other information considered pertinent in the judgment of the district. Location of the hydrant will be determined by the district through consultation with the owner and Whatcom County Fire Districts Nos. 7 and 13, with the final decision resting with Birch Bay Water and Sewer District. (Res. 368 § 1 (part), 1980; Res. 366 § 1 (part), 1980)

10.04.020 Permit--Issuance--Fee--Conformance to stated condition.

Upon the approval of the application and the payment of a fee as set forth in Chapter 13.01 of this code, the district shall issue a fire hydrant permit to the applicant. The permit shall be authorization to the applicant to proceed with the installation in accordance with the permit. If the applicant proceeds with the installation in any manner other than as authorized, the district may require the applicant to redo any work that is not in accordance with the permit. (Res. 366 § 1 (part), 1980) (Res. No. 683, § 1(U), 6-11-2009)

10.04.030 Permit--Term--Renewal.

Any permit shall be valid for ninety days unless extended or renewed by the district, when good cause is shown upon the application, prior to the original expiration date. A renewed permit shall be valid for not more than thirty days. There shall be no charge for renewal. (Res. 366 § 1 (part), 1980)

10.04.040 Permit--Posting.

Any permit issued in accordance with this chapter shall at all times during the performance of the work, and until completion thereof and approval by the district, be posted in a conspicuous place at or near the work and must be readily and safely accessible to the district representative. (Res. 366 § 2 (part), 1980)

10.04.050 Installation requirements and procedures.

  • A. The installation of fire hydrant assemblies shall conform to the district's Standard Specifications incorporated in this chapter by reference as if set forth herein in full. A contractor must be registered in accordance with Section 8.04.200 of this code to be allowed to install all hydrants. No portion of the district's water system shall be shut down during any hydrant installation without first contacting the district and giving the required advance notice to area water users. The contractor shall make his own arrangements with the person or property owner(s) for whom he is working as to how the work is to be conducted and scheduled. The contractor shall also reach an understanding with the property owner(s) as to what condition the owner's property and right-of-way is to be left upon completion of the installation. The aforesaid arrangements shall be completed prior to the commencement of work.
  • B. All material and workmanship in connection with the installation of any hydrant shall be as specified by this chapter, and the hydrant shall be painted in accordance with the requirements of Whatcom County Fire Districts Nos. 7 and 13.

(Res. 368 §1 (part), 1980; Res. 366 §3, 1980)

10.04.060 Hydrant type.

Hydrants shall be CLOW F2500 breakaway and shall conform to AWWA-C502 as modified in accordance with this section. The hydrant shall be equipped with two two-and-one-half-inch NST hose nozzles and one four-and-one-half-inch NST pumper nozzle with a four-and-one-half-inch NST by five-inch STORZ fitting with cap, cable and set screws. Hydrant installation shall conform to Birch Bay Water and Sewer District standards. (Res 476 §1, 1989: Res. 368 §1 (part), 1980; Res. 366 §4, 1980)

10.04.070 Work in right-of-way.

Work in right-of-way shall be in conformity with the requirements of the agency having jurisdiction over such right-of-way. It shall be the contractor's responsibility to obtain right-of-way permits and to notify the appropriate authorities before beginning work on the right-of-way and to ascertain that the schedule of operation proposed is satisfactory to the agency. (Res. 366 §§2 (part), 5, 1980)

10.04.080 Inspection.

All hydrant installations shall be inspected by the district. No person shall cover or backfill any hydrant installation without having approval from the district to do so. The district shall be given a request for inspection at least twenty-four hours prior to the completion of the installation. If any person covers or backfills any hydrant installation without having obtained district approval, the district shall require the installation be uncovered so that proper inspection can be made. Following inspection and acceptance, the completed hydrant assembly becomes the property of the district, provided the entire assembly is in public right-of-way or in an easement to the district. (Res. 366 §6, 1980)

10.04.090 Nonconforming installations.

Nonconforming installations shall not be permitted without express approval by the district and all variances requested of the district shall be set forth in writing. In the event additional agency inspections are necessary, any fees associated with these inspections will be the responsibility of the applicant. (Res. 366 §7, 1980)

10.04.100 Protection of excavations.

All excavations in the right-of-way shall be made by a contractor with the proper authority to make such excavations. The public shall be protected from such excavations by sufficient guards, barricades, fencing and proper warning lights; this public protection is the responsibility of the contractor. If the contractor fails to properly protect the public from such excavation, he shall be liable for charges incurred to have the excavation properly protected. The contractor shall pay these charges immediately upon receipt of the bill for the work. (Res. 366 §8, 1980)

10.04.110 Repairs and relocation.

Repairs of any nature to any hydrant assembly in public right-of-way will be the responsibility of the district. Removal or relocation of any hydrant assembly shall require written approval by the district and a permit must be applied for. All work in relocating a hydrant assembly shall be performed under the terms of this chapter and district standards for installation. (Res. 366 §9, 1980)

10.04.120 Hydrants on private property.

Any hydrant assembly installation on private property shall be performed under the terms of this chapter and district standards for installation. The hydrant will remain the property of the property owner, and all maintenance and repairs shall be the responsibility of the owner. (Res. 366 §10, 1980)

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